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Passion project since 2018.


What you can see, above here, is a teaser trailer concept auto-produced in 2019 with a small crew and assistance from 2D/3D/stop-motion animator Niccolò Gioia... But the concrete aim is that of turning "EGO" into a transmedial property. 


The bigger picture sees this project expanding into a Comic Book series, considering many spin-off ideas, branching from the main narrative.


This is Nicholas, "EGO" is his story.

This page is dedicated to giving a Timeline, showing all the continous progress made on the "EGO" project:

  • First Concept, 2018;

  • Worldbuilding and Studying, 2019;

  • Writing of the "Project Bible", both ITA and ENG, 2020;

  • Writing/Drawing of the Comic Book Proposal, along with illustrator Alessandro Falzi, 2021;

  • First draft of the first six chapters, 2022;

  • Re-write of the chapters + traslation into ENG, 2022;


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