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August 2022.

15 pages lenght.



"DETTAGLI" consists of an original short-film screenplay I wrote for italian buddying director Riccardo Cocciadiferro. The plot focuses on ENEA (25) and REBECCA (33) as they try and fail in a doomed-from-the-start attempt at filling eachother's inner voidFor reasons of privacy, I won't be publishing the entire work as of today, but I'll leave a quick "Abstract" to follow:


"Rebecca, fragile e solare, vive un’esistenza priva di gentilezze.

Enea, filiforme e delicato, vive un’interiorità profondamente solitaria.

Danneggiatosi l’apparecchio acustico di lei... I due si incontrano.

Avranno sette giorni per mostrarsi e mostrarci quanto un “non detto” possa essere più deleterio di qualsiasi verità."


"Rebecca, as radiant as she is fragile, lives an existence devoid of any kindness.

Enea, as slender as he is delicate, lives a profoundly lonely inner life.

With the damaging of Rebecca's hearing aid... The two finally meet.

They will have seven days to show us, as well as eachother, how an "unsaid"
can be even more detrimental than any truth

To find out MORE about ENEA & REBECCA feel free to drop me a line at, or just fill in the "CONTACTS" form!


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