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November 2021.

15 pages lenght.


"DECLINO" consists of an original screenplay of mine, intended for an animated short-film. It revolves around "Divano", your common everyday kind of sofa, absurdly given the ability to think and judge as he pleases... With his "keen" Baby-Boomer-like sense of humour.
For reasons of privacy, I won't be publishing the entire work as of today, but I'll leave a quick "Abstract" to follow:


"Un Divano, assurdamente dotato di pensiero, abita la spoglia casa di una famiglia in perfetto stile mulino bianco... Ma araba.

Il Mobile lamenta la sua condizione in quanto vorrebbe appartenere alla più ricca delle famiglie, con una domestica che lo spazzoli tutti i giorni.

A seguito di una fortuita tragedia, il Sofà passerà di dimora in dimora, giudicando con stereotipi “divaneschi” chi lo circonda.


I pensieri del Divano, udibili solo dal pubblico, ci mostreranno quanto uno spettatore passivo possa essere più dannoso di qualsiasi atrocità."


"A Sofa, who’s absurdly given the ability to think, inhabits the bare home of your perfectly typical white picket fence family... Except they’re all Arabs.

The Couch laments his condition considering that all he ever wanted was to belong to the richest of families, with a maid that would brush him daily.

Following a fortuitous tragedy, the Seat will go from home to home, judging with “couch-esque” stereotypes whoever surrounds him.

The thoughts of the Sofa, audible only to the audience, will show us how a passive spectator can be more harmful than any atrocity."

To find out MORE about "Divano" feel free to drop me a line at, or just fill in the "CONTACTS" form!

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